Nostalgia camping - part of TimeWinder

Nostalgia camping for "veterans" is a natural part of TimeWinder. More and more vintage vehicle enthusiasts also attach great importance to having a caravan or tent that matches the vehicle.

At nostalgia camping, you have the option to participate with a caravan, tent trailer or regular tent, as long as it is all from before 1976.

If the towing vehicle is to be on the pitch together with the nostalgia caravan, the year criterion must be met - otherwise the towing vehicle is parked in the ordinary campsite parking area. (Approximately 150 meters from the nostalgia camping site)

Nostalgia campers are encouraged to appear with equipment and clothes that match the year of the camping unit. Everyone is invited to participate in morning song at the flag raising. Nostalgia campers are provided with showers and toilets.

Is your trailer or tent of a recent date,but still a veteran, there may be exceptions. It could be that you have a camping set-up that is so time-correct that you of course have to take part in TimeWinder or that your caravan or tent is part of a series or story that may be the theme of this year. Write to camping fatter and hear and please include a photo. Mail: - mark. nostalgia camping.


  • Flushing toilet in the immediate vicinity of the camping area.
  • Possibility of hot bath
  • Flag raising and morning song
  • Space for 50 units, so register quickly

Prices: Per unit, caravan or tent: DKK 280 incl. electricity (230 V - max 6 Amp. Bring your own connection cable 25m)

The campsite opens on Thursday 16 May at 19.00
You are welcome to stay until Tuesday, 21 June at 2:00 p.m.

Includes wristband for one person.

More people are welcome to stay in your caravan/tent, but everyone must have a partout wristband. Children up to 6 years old do not pay admission.

Note: By booking you accept terms and conditions for camping on TimeWinder.