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Trucks - Big and small

In the truck area, you will be able to get an insight into the development of cars over time. The truck was a workplace and work tool for many and had to be useful.

At the same time, the cars also acted as advertising for the trucking shops and had to be kept neat.

Explore the cars and ask about their history. A small exhibition is offered in the tent.

In addition, check in the program when the commercial vehicles will be presented in the "ring".

Fire and Rescue

Utility vehicles also include fire engines, rescue vehicles, ambulances and police vehicles.

The fire museum in Frederiksværk, the Odsherred fire museum and several private collectors will together provide a versatile exhibition in the area. Next follow the military rescue vehicles such as Danish Military Historical Vehicle Association is involved. Also within the military vehicles, a large number of private collectors exhibit.

The commercial vehicles exhibited at TimeWinder are from the period up to and including 1975, as the festival's focus period is the 100 years of the golden age of industrialization in Denmark: 1875-1975