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Steam Engines at TimeWinder

***Distinctive feature of the meeting – steam***


At TimeWinder, the noble brand is steam-powered vehicles and machinery. There are not many of these proud machines of yesteryear, but come and experience the only Danish-owned full-size steam tractor 'Laura' at TimeWinder at Pentecost. Passionate enthusiasts have kept the machines alive and they are displayed in full force with smoke and steam. The steam engine is an important player in the entire industrial revolution and there are not many other places in the north where these ton-heavy giants can be experienced "live".

Allchin ½ skale model. 2007

The steam tractor "Lillebror" is a Danish-built half-size copy of the English-built agricultural tractor of the brand: Allchin. The original machine is still preserved and in running condition in England. The Allchin "Royal Chester" was built in 1925 as an agricultural tractor.

The model here was built by a Danish blacksmith, Erik Rothmann. The machine was completed in 2007 and Erik built on it for 28 years! Instead, he produced all the parts himself. The machine is owned today by the Lindkilde family.

Steam boat S/S Skjelskoer

S/S Skjelskør has been build in 1915 on J. Ring Andersens Steel shipyard on Frederiksøen in Svendborg, for the route between Skælskør and the islands of Agersø and Omø.


Ship Type: Ice Reinforced Cargo and Passenger Ship. Class: Bureau Veritas. From September 1963 the Directorate for State Shipping Inspection, later the Danish Maritime Authority. Tonnage: 49.25 GRT - 20.36 NRT. Measured in 1964. Speed: approx. 9.5 knots. Dead weight: 17 tons. Displacement fully loaded: 83 tonnes.

The ship is owned and operated today by the Association for the Preservation of Old Ships. The ship is currently in Frederikssund.

The steamship S/S Skjelskør sails during Whitsun and there is transport to the ship from the event area.