Join in on the fun! You will not regret it!

Do you want to help carry TimeWinder towards success?

It's fun and exciting to be part of TimeWinder. You are guaranteed to make new friends and you get very close to many exciting and enthusiastic people. Maybe you're also lucky enough to get a ride in a vintage car!

Learn a lot about history in a fun way and learn more about yourself. Try your hand at jobs you have always dreamed of trying. For example, become a bartender for a day. Or leader of a team. Or how about living out the dream as a journalist or press photographer for the magazine 'Tidsvenderen'? Maybe you are super practical and can become part of our indispensable Ad Hoc team? Or is it you who always has a smile on your face and has to receive our guests at the entrance?

Anyone can join

TimeWinder offers tasks, both for you who want to help for a few hours, as well as for you who want to be invited all the way into the engine room and get a position of responsibility for an area YOU are passionate about.

As a volunteer helper, you get admission to TimeWinder as well as catering in connection with your "working hours".

We strive for everyone to be assigned shifts of limited duration, so that there will also be time to experience TimeWinder with family and friends - also your new friends :-)