Vintage cars

Discover the history of the car on TimeWinder, revisit forgotten brands and models and marvel at the development that accelerated rapidly throughout the 20th century.


The automobile has experienced many and many things over time, two world wars, the elevation from utility object to cultural heritage. The love for the old cars has not diminished.

The aesthetic arcs, the stories they tell and the feeling of freedom they give us.

From utility vehicle to private property

In the early years, the automobile was reserved for rich daredevils. When the car gained real utility value, it was up through the twenties and thirties still mostly for business purposes that the car got its justification. Ordinary people didn't have a car.

After the Second World War, development took off and with Denmark's 'Yes thanks' to the Marshall Plan, the American dream of freedom began to gain ground in society. The importation of cheap car brands through the 50s and 60s made the car affordable for everyone.

Vintage cars on TimeWinder

Enthusiasts and vintage car owners participate every day at TimeWinder as exhibitors with their cars. Here you can meet brand clubs, associations and private collectors, and the same for all of them is that they are passionate about their interest. Ask for their car - they will love it! But give yourself time, because there is guaranteed to be a long and exciting story behind it. Both about the car's 'working life', restoration process and about the joy of driving the car :-)


Become an exhibitor

TimeWinder – a vintage car meeting?
No, - let's first of all establish that TimeWinder is NOT only a vintage car meeting, but a nostalgia festival in the broadest possible sense where vintage vehicles are also very welcome and in a way an important ingredient in the "TimeWinder nostalgia pot", where the focus is the golden age of Denmark's industrialization 1875 – 1975.  The end of the period coincides with the phasing out of enamel license plates in Denmark for cars. (officially 1 April 1976) . In TimeWinder's world, "the good old days" stop here - more or less, as there is always a gray area that requires courtesy and friendliness to enforce - something TimeWinder prioritizes highly. If you have a mechanical gem that does not quite live up to the age requirement, but which largely contributes to a story that makes sense in relation to the exhibition at TimeWinder, you are encouraged to contact us for further information (see below).

Fine car parking
TimeWinder also acknowledges recent classics and rebuilt vehicles and the work that goes into building, restoring and maintaining these vehicles, which in many cases drives their enthusiastic owners to success.

Club stands
TimeWinder offers established clubs that they can get a stand at the meeting on favorable terms. This means that you can look forward to meeting many different brand clubs at the meeting as well as some of the more broadly encompassing clubs such as Nordsjælland's Veteranknallertklub and the local Halsnæs Classic Motorklub.
If your club wants to join, you can read about the offer here.

In connection with the club beaches, you can explore the flea market. Stump stands and club stands are located centrally on the square, so that no one in attendance can avoid passing the area on arrival at the meeting place.
If you want to have a stump stand yourself, you can read more about this here.

Further information on club stands, veteran races and vehicles in general: Michael Deichmann, +45 22 27 86 51.