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Aerodrome on TimeWinder

The event space, which is the focal point for TimeWinder, is part of Grønessegaard Estate's most beautifully situated area between forest and Roskilde fjord with a view into Frederiksværk city – the cradle of industrialization in Denmark. For several generations, the estate has carried out flight operations from the runway, which will form the framework for nostalgia in the air on TimeWinder.

The area's unique geography means that from the meeting ground you have a view over most of the landing lap on the 650-metre long east/west oriented course, which is described as one of Denmark's most beautifully situated and smoothest grass courses.

The location of TimeWinder in the rural and sparsely populated area provides a unique opportunity for displaying aircraft in the airspace above the fjord, and for flying at minimum altitude close to the impact site. The audience thus gets the opportunity to experience aircraft up close and in their right element.

Around the runway, there will be an opportunity to display the machines to the public.


A great deal of effort is being made to create an up-to-date nostalgic environment around the airfield. Several of the pilots on the old planes dress in suits and equipment from that time, so that the illusion of having traveled back in time is complete. Former Air Station Værløse's emergency response association provides a complete set-up of both fire and rescue vehicles and equipment suitable for an air station/Aerodrome.

Do you arrive in your own plane?

What should I be aware of as a flying guest?

It is only permitted to participate and land by agreement (ppr) with the air traffic control at the meeting.

"Slot times" will be issued for arrival and departure by further agreement.

It will be possible to park the aircraft on the days of the meeting.

There is parking for 25 aircraft and ppr is given on a "first come, first served" basis.

Pilots and pilots must buy a ticket for the festival. Landing tax is included in the ticket price.

It is not permitted to fly over the impact area below 2000 ft. without two-way radio contact with TimeWinder info.

Up to the meeting, current information about the airfield and a link to notam will be available at


Kevin Miller ​​​

Landing permission (ppr) is obtained by email from AeroDrome.