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Steam boat S/S Skjelskoer

S/S Skjelskør has been build in 1915 on J. Ring Andersens Steel shipyard on Frederiksøen in Svendborg, for the route between Skælskør and the islands of Agersø and Omø.


Ship Type: Ice Reinforced Cargo and Passenger Ship. Class: Bureau Veritas. From September 1963 the Directorate for State Shipping Inspection, later the Danish Maritime Authority. Tonnage: 49.25 GRT - 20.36 NRT. Measured in 1964. Speed: approx. 9.5 knots. Dead weight: 17 tons. Displacement fully loaded: 83 tonnes.

The ship is owned and operated today by the Association for the Preservation of Old Ships. The ship is currently in Frederikssund.

The steamship S/S Skjelskør sails during Whitsun and there is transport to the ship from the event area.

Skjelskør sailing plan:

Saturday 14:00 - 15:15
Sunday 11:15 - 12:30
Sunday 13:00 - 14:15
Sunday 14:45 - 16:00

Max 50 people per trip

Bus runs t/r from TW plads to Frederiksværk Havn.

Sailing ships

The schooner Bonavista

Join us on a sailing trip with the schooner Bonavista, on 17-19. May 2024 will visit Hundested Harbour.

At Whitsun on 17-19. May 2024, Bonavista docks in Hundested, and you can come along for the trip.

The sailing trip lasts 2 hours. Together with the knowledgeable crew on the ship, you can help set the sails and handle the ship's large rigging, but you are also welcome to just enjoy the trip, the ship and the atmosphere when there is a meeting out of Hundested harbour.

Remember to bring warm clothes according to the weather. It is possible to buy beer, soft drinks, coffee, tea and ice cream on board.

Date & sailing times

Friday 17 May at 16-18
Saturday 18 May at 13-15 & at 16-18
Sunday 19 May at 13-15

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Come aboard and see the ship

It is also possible to simply come aboard and see the ship. This is free for everyone and you can get on board during the following times:

17 May at 18 - 20
May 18 at 10 - 12.30 and at 18 - 20
May 19 at 10 - 12.30