Danish Skydive Grandprix

With international participation


For the first time in TimeWinder's history, you now have the opportunity to watch skydiving, with international participation. It will take place in the air above our fantastic event space.

Tandem jump

Like never before

Sign up for a Tandem jump

This is also where you have the opportunity to sign up for a Tandem jump!

Experience seeing TimeWinder's event space from above while you soar among the birds with a professional instructor.

About tandem jumps:

What does it take?
You must have a good mood and general health. We have a weight limit of 100kg. If you are under 18, you must have a parent or guardian's signature to be allowed to jump.

Expert guidance
You get expert guidance and are informed about everything that is going to happen, so that in safe hands you can concentrate on what you have paid for, namely enjoying the trip and the view.

We are lucky enough to have Denmark's most beautiful view

An experience for life

After just 15-20 minutes of instruction, you're on your way.

It takes approx. half an hour to get up to the height from which you have to jump. You typically jump from 3000 or higher. You get between 30-50 seconds of free fall. We use the latest and safest equipment which gives you stable and safe openings and fantastic soft landings.

Price DKK 3000.
You will be able to purchase a video of your experience.

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