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Scouts from the occupation period

Come and experience our vintage scout camp.

At TimeWinder, we have invited scouts from near and far to a scout run, where the participants join us on a journey back in time. There is both the opportunity to see the scouts' camp and the young scouts in action. The focal point is the story of the Scouts' Aid Corps, which was founded at the request of the Minister of the Interior at the beginning of World War II. Initially, it was the corps' task to help evacuate the sick, disabled and elderly. Overall, the purpose of the Corps was to provide scouting assistance in accordance with the request of a competent public authority.

Come and have a chat with the vintage scouts about everything from scout tests and traditions to tent order and camp life through the ages.


For you who are scouts today!


Come on our journey back in time to the occupation in 1944 and be part of the cool scouts in service with the Scouts' Auxiliary Corps.

On our journey, you will be introduced to the Auxiliary Corps' Basic Training, so that you can go on exciting scouting missions in the 4 branches of service that make up the old emergency badge.

I: City knowledge/Orientation

II: Emergency/First Aid/Panic

III: Ordinance/Signalling

IV: Air defens

For those who want to set the bar high and who want to be challenged can take our cool class tests, where you have practiced and trained from home and can take the camp test during the basic training.

We are looking forward to a blast of experiences at TimeWinder.

We look forward to conveying a bit of the scouts' history through our activities for both scouts and for the guests who come to TimeWinder. Our camp will be in the eye of the hurricane of TimeWinder's exciting daytime and evening activities in our own little pocket. We would like to point out that the guests at TimeWinder can take pictures of the activities we participate in, and that journalists can visit and hear about the scouts' experiences, of which it is of course voluntary to be part of.


When you arrive on Friday evening at Timewinder, you must bring a packed lunch with you for the evening, as we have not started the camp yet (write an email if there are special needs). There will be full catering at the camp.

Arrival time at the camp

Arrival is on Friday at 17:00. Contact us as soon as possible if there are challenges and we will find a sensible solution. On arrival on Friday, you can enter the site with civilian vehicles and trailers to unload. However, if you come by bus, we cannot guarantee that it is possible to get all the way to the tented camp due to TimeWinder's other exhibitors and actors who are preparing. After unloading, civilian vehicles and trailers must again be removed from the square, so that there is room for all actors and we keep the spirit of the times in the square throughout Pentecost. It is possible to park civilian vehicles nearby.

Packing up the camp and departure

There must not be civilian vehicles and trailers etc. on the site while TimeWinder is running and only on Monday can you enter the site with vehicles after 16:00.
During Monday, the scouts will have activities and lunch until 13:00.
13:00-15:00 all equipment can be packed up and must remain on the site and must only be packed into vehicles after the TimeWinder whistles at 16:00.
15:00-16:00 Rounding off the time bubble and end of the camp.

Preparation and packing list

See the Patrol handbook for the group's and scouts' packing list and what the scouts must prepare in addition to the tests.

Price and registration

It costs DKK 700 per participant. DKK 165 is space rent. You have to sign up for patrols with your own leaders, as if it were a camp at a scout center. You must register on the vintage scouts' website here:
The registration deadline for the scout race is 1 May 2024

The Patrol Handbook

The patrols' preparation that must be done before the camp can be seen here:

  A physical version is handed out at the camp.

You can read more about vintage spejd on the association's vintage spejd website here:

A big thank you goes out for help with research and lending material to:


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