The size of the stalls is 3 meters frontage and 3 meters depth, as well as an additional 3x4 m backyard intended for your car/trailer or tent.

Prices: A standard barn is 3m front and 3m deep + another 4m 'backyard' for car/trailer or other. Price DKK 1000

TimeWinder offers stands in shop tents  with 3-4 stands in each tent. Open facade to the thoroughfare with a covered walkway for your customers. Price: Standard rate DKK 1,000 + tent DKK 1,500 (+ floor DKK 500)

Stand in a tent, 3x3m: DKK 2,500

Stand in tent with floor, 3x3m: DKK 3,000

Per stand includes 2 partout tickets, as well as morning coffee and rolls (Saturday, Sunday and Monday). The market takes place like the rest of TimeWinder Nostalgia Days, outdoors.

Setting up the stands can start from Friday 17 May 12.00- 22.00 and Saturday 18 May from 7.00 to 9.30.

Cars and trailers that cannot stay in the city must be out of the event space no later than ½ hour before official opening time. Reference is made to audience parking.

Driving on the meeting ground with vehicles newer than 1976 is not permitted during opening hours, unless prior agreement is in place and the vehicle is provided with a driving permit, placed visibly on the vehicle. In the event of extraordinary situations, the team leader can always be contacted for guidance.

The market is reserved for stalls within lifestyle, craft, vintage, antique, design and unique, as well as food specialties*

Newly produced quality goods are allowed and we recommend that you adapt the layout of the stand to the nostalgic atmosphere at TimeWinder. Cheap "Chinese" goods and the like are not allowed.

*Food packaged for home use may be sold. Taste samples can be given. If you wish to sell candy, ice cream or food for consumption on the site, please contact us separately. email to: or phone +45 20 24 12 40.

Conditions for market stalls