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Other accommodation options

Should TimeWinder be your mini-vacation? Then you need accommodation nearby!


If you prefer established conditions, there are several year-round campsites with camping cabins near TimeWinder. Several of them are within walking/cycling distance. Here you can rent camping cabins and perhaps enjoy getting away from TimeWinder a little when you need to relax.

If you are more into a hotel, hostel or perhaps a B&B, there are plenty of offers within up to half an hour's drive from TimeWinder.

Closest to TimeWinder: Byaasgaard Camping, Rosenholm Camping and Sølager Camping.

Other camping in Halsnæs: Fredfyldt Camping, Frederiksværk camping, Bokildegaard Camping, Lynæs Camping.

Autocampers: Look her.


Links to other accommodation


Hotels and Inn: Look here.

In Halsnæs you will find: Hundested Kro & Hotel, Ølsted Kro & Hotel and Liselængen - Liseleje Badehotel.


B&B in Halsnæs: Look here.

Hostels:  Look here.


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