Camping for everyone

TimeWinder offers accommodation on its own campsite in the immediate vicinity of the meeting place.

When you live on site, you get the maximum TimeWinder experience home. There are plenty of options to eat in TimeWinder's food stalls and restaurants. Or you can shop at the food market and cook yourself at the campsite.

You pay per unit, and have the opportunity to stay on the site from Thursday evening to the Tuesday after Whitsun at 12.00.

Prices: Campervan/Combicamp/Motorhome DKK 500 without electricity. Tent: DKK NOK 250 without electricity.

Electricity Prices: Electricity supplement: Caravan DKK 100. Tent DKK 30. (230 V - max 6 Amp. Bring your own connection cable)

A 3-day partout ticket for Timewinder must be purchased for the number of people staying at the campsite.

Book your campingspot here.

Note: By booking you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Camping at TimeWinder.