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TimeWinder nostalgia event - also for disabled guests

Everyone is welcome at TimeWinder, with or without a disability.

The pitch is a slightly sloping grass area, and almost completely level. There are fixed dirt roads laid out in the terrain which can be used without difficulty by wheelchairs etc. In dry weather it will also be unproblematic to drive on the meeting ground itself.

Handicap companion

Disabled people pay the regular audience price, but have the option of having a disabled companion on the same ticket on presentation of a companion card. Read more about companion cards here:


There is a specially marked handicap and hard-to-walk parking area. The parking attendant can show you there.

(The reservation is made that the area may be filled)

Handicap aid

Vehicles of more recent date are not allowed on the TimeWinder site itself during opening hours. The exception is i.a. handicap aids such as electric crosser/scooter etc. Eq. (Must be equipped with a handicap symbol issued by Handicaporganisationernes Brugerservice):

Toilet conditions

There are three disabled toilets on the site. See where to find them in the space overview in the shared program.

You are also always welcome to ask TimeWinder's volunteers for help in finding your way.