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Have a mini-vacation

You have several different options for spending the night at or near TimeWinder.


Then you are sure not to miss all the fun!

Book a place in our Camping area, become part of our NostalgiCamp with your caravan from the 70s or find other accommodation near us.

- Click on the link below and read more about the different options.

One day at TimeWinder is not enough

Three full days of nostalgia! It can be difficult to see it all in one day, so exhibitors and the audience can take a mini-holiday and spend the night at TimeWinder's purpose-built campsite in their own caravan or tent. If you have a caravan or a tent, from before 1976 with TimeWinder, you can camp at the nostalgia campsite, where the campers go "all in" with rewinding time.


Enjoy a mini-holiday in the spirit of nostalgia!

Sleep well, whether you prefer luxury in a hotel or want to stay at the venue itself.