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Driving permit to the TimeWinder site

During TimeWinder's opening hours, the space is reserved for exhibited vehicles and mechanics.


Newer vehicles running, as well as parked, must be able to clearly display a permit from TimeWinder to park or drive on the site.

Driving permits are only issued by agreement with TimeWinder's secretariat before the meeting. As a starting point, only vehicles which - according to agreements with the secretariat - need access during opening hours per automatically be issued with a driving licence.

It can be, for example:

  • TimeWinder's own ATV vehicles
  • Vehicle for waste management
  • Vehicle regarding sewer/plumbing car
  • Delivery of food/drinks to stalls during opening hours
  • Other things

Apply for a driving permit:

Should you have a need that we have forgotten to take into account, you can apply for a driving license by contacting the event secretariat.

Send request by e-mail to:

Regarding driving licences:

The permit may only be used to the extent agreed and can be withdrawn on request. It is always TimeWinder's staff who decide whether you can drive on the site or not.

A temporary driving license can be issued at the entrance and after the staff contact the secretariat, on the day itself for a deposit of DKK 500.

If the guidelines for the permit are not followed, the deposit will be forfeited and the vehicle will be removed from the venue.


  • Rescue vehicles and police
  • Vehicles of more recent date can be parked during opening hours at the flea market's and peddler's market stands by the stall holder. Parking permit is not a requirement here.
  • Handicap aids such as electric crosser/scooter etc. Eq. (Must be equipped with a handicap symbol issued by the Handicap Organisations' User Service):